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Professional Trenchless Pipe Repair Services

When you find yourself in need of pipe services, you can trust our team at Elite Rooter to provide you with trenchless repairs or replacements. We understand that it can be quite stressful to find your pipes cracked, leaking, or infiltrated by tree roots. Your home is likely your largest investment, and we intend on helping you protect it. An issue with your sewer or water pipes should not be ignored, as it can lead to serious damage. In the event that you have increased your household size or water usage, you may need to have larger pipes installed.

We know that the idea of having sewer or water line work can be very overwhelming and dreadful. You may have seen a neighbor or two have this type of work done in the past and their property looked a lot like a construction zone. Fortunately, we have a less-invasive solution to offer you: trenchless repairs.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Problems with your sewer and water lines can lead to cracked, corroded, or burst pipes. We use advanced technology for a minimally invasive repair which does not require digging in order to get to your water lines and sewer pipes efficiently. Our plumbing service experts knows exactly what steps are required to keep your yard and home in good shape while we work. This is done by accessing your damaged pipes through a single access point to restores your pipes while leaving your landscaping as it was when we arrived.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair

How Trenchless Pipe Repair Works

Trenchless pipe repair is a faster yet cheaper way of repairing your sewer lines and pipes. First a visual inspection is done to determine where the damage is. Then two access holes are dug to insert the resin-coated sewer line that expands with air to line the damaged pipe which is then sealed off from the end.

Techniques Used In Trenchless Pipe Repair

There are several techniques revolving around the same concept that are used to do trenchless pipe repairs. Different methods are used based on the budget and the requirements on site.


  • Pipe Bursting: This involves bursting the older pipe with a metal head fed through the pipe. At its end is attached a new flexible sewer line that replaces the older one and takes its place.
  • Pipe Lining: This is the most common method used. A thin pipe liner is inserted into the damaged pipe that completely covers it up and seals any damaged areas, holes or cracks. It is a fairly simple method that can repair minor leaks and cracks, however, it is not suitable if the line is too damaged.
  • Slip Lining: In this method, a slightly smaller lining is slipped into the older one and the space between them is sealed off. This results in a smaller pipe than before, however, it reinforces the structural integrity of the sewer line.
Hydro Jetting Pros and Cons

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repairs offer a range of advantages over traditional repair methods. More than any other, it takes the stress out of sewer repiars giving you peace of mind that your property is protected even during the repair process.

  • Minimally Invasive: It does not involve digging up your whole landscaping or yard to access the damaged pipes and lines.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Traditional methods make a mess causing uprooted soil, debris and waste to pile up. Trenchless repair keeps things tidier with much less digging.
  • Cost Effective: Trenchless pipe repair costs less because it does not involve digging up large portions of land, and involves fewer man hours to achieve the desired repair.
  • Time Efficiency: Since it only involves digging two small holes for access and does not require huge excavations, it takes much less time.
  • Minimal Disruption To Property: The best thing about it is that your home remains the same as it was before the repair, including the landscaping, porch and yard with little to no disruption in your daily activities.

Common Problems Trenchless Repair Can Fix For You

Trenchless pipe repairs have changed the approach towards repair and restoration of plumbing lines. Some of the common problems that can be fixed through this are the following:

  • Pipe Cracks and Leaks: For whatever reason, cracks and leaks can develop over time, which can easily be fixed through this method.
  • Tree Root Intrusion: Roots seek water and can infiltrate ground pipes causing blockages, leaks and cracks.
  • Corrosion: With constant exposure to moisture and harmful chemicals, lines and pipes can get corroded over time.
  • Leaking Joints: They can get loose by external factors, or through improper installation causing water to seep into the foundation.
  • Clogs and Blockages: Accumulated debris over time can cause pipes to choke which results in slow or no drainage.
  • Complete Collapse or Breaks: Either over time, or through sudden shifts in ground, pipes can break, needing immediate attention.
Benefits tree Root removal

Choosing the Right Trenchless Repair Method

Deciding which repair method to go for can be confusing. While there are benefits to all of them, the team of certified experts at Elite Rooter help you pick out the right method for you based on your needs, the damage, and the budget requirements.

Elite Rooters Guarantees Reliability Within Your Budget

Elite Rooter Philosophy

Elite Rooter is dedicated to customer satisfaction, quality service, and fair pricing. The trust built between our local licensed plumbers and our valued customers truly shows through our testimonials.

Our Promise

We charge by the job, not the hours to ensure you save money and do not pay overtime. We also provide the best warrantied and reliable service.

Elite Rooter Mission

The goal of Elite Rooter is to provide the most professional plumbing service possible. This commitment to quality has helped us build lasting relationships from day one.

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Luke PosadaLuke Posada
02:14 05 May 24
Pedro from Elite Rooter is top-notch! Not only did he skillfully unclog our stubborn drain, but he also took the time to educate us on preventive measures to avoid future blockages. His dedication to his craft and customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of his work.
Roger BarbeeRoger Barbee
08:59 04 May 24
Christian from Elite Rooter is a gem! He arrived promptly to tackle our clogged drain, and with his expertise, the issue was resolved swiftly. His friendly demeanor and informative approach made the whole experience pleasant and stress-free.
James GarciaJames Garcia
07:46 04 May 24
Raymond ByersRaymond Byers
10:51 03 May 24
Elite Rooter, particularly Martin, was excellent. They were professional, informative, and friendly. The drain unclogging service was top-notch, and their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident. Will definitely use them again!
Raymond ParkerRaymond Parker
14:13 01 May 24
Jnr from Elite Rooter was amazing. He was very professional and friendly, and he did an excellent job unclogging our drain. The service was prompt and thorough. Highly recommend their services!"
Jose DixonJose Dixon
08:56 23 Apr 24
Elite Rooter exceeded all our expectations. Their plumber was not only skilled but also incredibly friendly and informative. They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Highly recommend!
Sue Ellen LeroySue Ellen Leroy
23:54 22 Apr 24
Responsive. Professional. Honest. Fairly priced. Ask for Edgar Parafina at Elite Rooter. I certainly will for any plumbing need. It’s so refreshing to find such competent service people!
Don MoyoDon Moyo
14:47 21 Apr 24
I called Elite Rooter for a drain cleaning, and they did an amazing job. The plumber was friendly, professional, and explained everything in detail. I will definitely be using their services again.
Coulibaly SiakaCoulibaly Siaka
20:28 20 Apr 24
I had a plumbing emergency, and Elite Rooter saved the day! Their plumber arrived quickly, fixed the issue, and was very informative throughout the process. I'm grateful for their excellent service.
Manavi SharmaManavi Sharma
01:08 17 Apr 24
Had bathtub drain clogging issue. I called in the morning and issue resolved the same day!Pablo Diaz showed up and fixed the issue right away! He also provided some good advice to maintain the drains.Thanks a lot for helping today.
Natalie DahlemNatalie Dahlem
16:46 09 Apr 24
Quentin was super helpful and nice! The best!
Leann D. MeyerLeann D. Meyer
18:52 07 Apr 24
Elite Rooter was prompt, professional, and offered fair pricing. They diagnosed the issue as a problem with the dishwasher parts, not the drains, and provided an honest assessment without overcharging. I will definitely call them for future plumbing issues!
Ellen M SimonsEllen M Simons
22:26 05 Apr 24
Highly disappointed in this company. They took advantage of me and ripped me off 100 %. Receptionist very rude and so unprofessional. Would not recommend them to anyone , anytime . Saying that they have 1 employee who was very understanding and kind. Thankyou Erik for your help.
Carroll NimmoCarroll Nimmo
05:58 05 Apr 24
Professionalism at its finest! Elite Rooter's team of plumbers are true experts in their field. They tackled our plumbing issue with precision and efficiency, leaving no stone unturned. The plumber who assisted us was not only skilled but also friendly and informative. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you, Elite Rooter, for your exceptional service!
Kamina A love AdityaKamina A love Aditya
10:37 04 Apr 24
Araned A.Araned A.
19:31 31 Mar 24
Our go-to for all plumbing needs is Elite Rooter!
David BennettDavid Bennett
04:53 30 Mar 24
Ravindra MhangareRavindra Mhangare
05:50 29 Mar 24
He arrived punctually, swiftly diagnosed the issue, and promptly resolved it. Elite Rooter has gained a lifelong customer!
Anthony GarzaAnthony Garza
21:29 28 Mar 24
Christian and the Elite Rooter team are exceptional. They surpassed expectations from start to finish. They were friendly, informative, and incredibly efficient. I will recommend them to everyone I know!
Dennis GarrettDennis Garrett
23:47 27 Mar 24
Jose CostillaJose Costilla
17:58 21 Mar 24
Pedro and Christian from Elite Rooter are true professionals. They arrived promptly, assessed the situation, and resolved our plumbing problem efficiently. I couldn't be happier with the service!
William EllisWilliam Ellis
19:14 20 Mar 24
Kudos to Christian for his outstanding service! He was not only on time but also went above and beyond to ensure that our plumbing problem was resolved efficiently. His friendly and informative attitude made the whole experience pleasant. Highly recommend!
Jeffrey BrownJeffrey Brown
18:20 20 Mar 24
He arrived promptly, assessed the situation meticulously, and offered practical solutions. His friendly demeanor instantly put me at ease. I highly recommend this plumbing company.
Larry WinnieLarry Winnie
14:40 19 Mar 24
This company was incredibly professional and very thorough. Martin was sent over to resolve a leak we were experiencing, thoroughly explained the options, and presented a detailed quote for our review. He completed the task, resolved our issue in a timely manner, and left us incredibly pleased with the experience.
Clifford CastilloClifford Castillo
14:17 19 Mar 24
The technician was professional, arrived on time, gave me an estimate for clearing the garbage disposal and drain, completed the work in an hour, cleaned up after himself, and reacted right away. They could even complete the work the next morning. I heartily endorse this company.
Jijun MaiJijun Mai
02:07 08 Mar 24
Quick and professional jobs. Well fix the clogged toilet.
Michael AddisMichael Addis
19:21 07 Mar 24
Fred did a great job. I'm very satisfied with his plumbing work!!
Jay WrightJay Wright
19:50 04 Mar 24
Thorough job. Solved issue in one visit.
Joshua DuranJoshua Duran
09:42 03 Mar 24
After contacting an elite plumber, they promptly arrived but the plumber declined to use a main line snake on my mainline drain. Instead, they used a 1/2 inch cable and stated that the line could not be unclogged from the cleanout. The plumber also refused to attach a head to the drain cable and attempted to upsell me on hydrojetting. When the supervisor arrived, they confirmed that hydrojetting was the only solution as they were unable to clear the blockage using other methods. So I said no the hydrojet and told them to call it a day. I then contacted a different plumber who had the appropriate mainline cable for his plumbing snake. He utilized a retriever head to swiftly clear the clog in the drain. It is unclear whether they lack knowledge or are simply attempting to maximize profits by exploiting homeowners. Be aware that they may not prioritize your best interests.
Linda CranerLinda Craner
03:24 25 Feb 24
I’m very satisfied with the work that Raymundo did replacing my water heater. I would recommend Elite Rooter if you have any plumbing needs.
16:50 12 Feb 24
Elite Rooter really stepped up. After a dishwasher installation snafu, Martin from Elite responded and step by step explained the why and the what needed to be done to ensure my plumbing problem was fixed. He was knowledgeable, professional, and made me feel like he would help me as he would a family member. I really appreciated their follow-up and guarantee of their finished product/work. Thank you, Martin and Elite...
Rene CastroRene Castro
00:09 11 Feb 24
Service Rep Freddy was great no issues there, cost was a bit steep but it's a job I'm not doing and know nothing about i wouldn't say I was overcharged I just didn't think it was going to be that expensive. Again the actual representative that did the job was great, great attitude it was actually late by the time he left but no issues since so job was done.
Cynthia Doane.Cynthia Doane.
23:25 04 Dec 23
Martin, from Elite Rooter came out the same day I called to take care of a clogged drain in my shower. He found the problem quickly and resolved it quickly in less than 30 min. There was an online discount available as well! I really appreciated the quick courteous and reasonable service. Elite has become my first choice for plumbing issues.
Diane ValdezDiane Valdez
20:42 30 Nov 23
Call was handled quickly, and was scheduled same day. Arrived as promised, serviceman looked over problem, explained what needed to be done. He was friendly, worked quickly and left area cleaned up! I was very impressed with the service and highly recommend Elite Rooter.
Sandra SharpSandra Sharp
17:16 21 Apr 23
My past experiences with other plumbing companies have not been great. The work has been substandard and/or the cost has been extremely inflated. Elite Rooter gave me timely and efficient service at an extremely fair price. They started work immediately, as soon as the problem was diagnosed and they worked every day including Saturday until the work was finished. They were very thorough and very careful not to cause any damage or leave any mess. Martin and Fernando are a great team! They are trustworthy!
Anthony LongAnthony Long
07:23 01 Dec 22
We had a complete blockage in our drain pipe. Chris and his team came to assess the problem. They were quickly able to determine the root cause and provided a couple of solutions and offered advice. They did an amazing job in replacing our main drain pipe that was cracked due to tree root intrusion. Everything was done promptly and with a permit. The team is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended if you want the job to be done right and have peace of mind.
Pilar StompanatoPilar Stompanato
08:16 27 Nov 22
Elite Rooter offers the best toilet unclogging service I've ever had. I called them to make an appointment and asked them to do the service as soon as possible. Then they sent Raymund to me in just 20 minutes. Raymund was a very nice person. He unclogged my toilet in just 5 minutes. Since that was not a very big problem, he told me that today's service is free! Wow, what a big surprise! I would definitely recommend their service to everyone!
Jose DiazJose Diaz
18:30 25 Nov 22
I made a last-minute call to Elite rooter when another plumber I was going to have fixed our shower drain quoted a very high price. Elite Rooter had a coupon on their website and was able to come out to the house within the hour. Leo was the technician and he knows his craft! He informed me I could not use the coupon due to the complexity of the clog and that was fine as we live in an old house and things work differently in these types of homes. He managed to clear the clog and now our shower drains which make me very happy. I would definitely hire Elite Rooter again for our plumbing needs.
Paul MartinezPaul Martinez
12:31 20 Nov 22
They were professional and pleasant while we did business with them. They wore masks from the moment they came to the door until the minute they left. They also put on new shoe covers at the front door each time they entered to keep the inside of our house clean and germ-free. Raymund was our senior technician and did a great job. They were on time and efficient, but detail oriented, as well. We highly recommend using them if you're in the Camarillo area and have plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there roots in my sewer line?
Tree roots basically do two things: they keep the tree from falling over, and they serve to collect water and nutrients to feed the tree. The inside of a sewer line sees a lot of water, and a ton of nutrients. If a tree root can find its way inside a sewer line (and it takes a very tiny hole to do so), it will feed, and grow until it completely takes over.
I had a plumber perform a rooter service, and he cut out the roots. Is my problem solved?
Unfortunately, no. Although the roots were cut, it is not possible to get every last trace of roots. The stubs will still be there. It’s like cutting a bush at ground level. Over time that bush will start to sprout new growth, and left unchecked, will grow into an entirely new bush. The roots do the same. The only way to solve the problem is to completely remove the roots, and seal the hole they used to get into the pipe.
How do I permanently fix a root problem?
The only way to really remove the roots completely and seal the hole is to remove the affected section of pipe and replace it with “root proof” seals. This can be done via a spot repair, or an entirely new sewer line. If you are unsure which of those two options is the best for your situation, you can check out our article on Sewer Repair/Replacement.
I heard about sewer pipe lining. Will that work?
There are some instances where relining your sewer line may be an option. Unfortunately it is not usually the best option. There are several reasons for this, and we will cover that in a future article (sewer pipe lining).
What about root killing chemicals? Do they work?
The short answer is, “Yes, and no.” The proper root killer is one that foams and turns very thick, so that it clings to the roots, but does not leach into your ground soil and kill all your surrounding landscaping (remember, if you have roots, there is a hole in your sewer somewhere). These compounds are very pricey, and after years of them being on the market, the jury is still out as to whether or not they really work. Even if they do work, and manage to kill the roots themselves, they still leave a hole there in your sewer line, and more will get in at some point.

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